Gemma Kelly lives and works in London. She trained formally at the University of the Arts London and received a 1st class degree in Fine Art. Her emotionally expressive sculptures can be both playful and confronting: from abstracts that draw on the aesthetic joys of dance, to human bodies that reveal pain and sorrow in their taught sinews and stressed limbs. Much of her work draws on personal experiences and she expresses them boldly and without compromise, inviting the viewer into a world that is usually kept hidden or internal.

Gemma has long been interested in the ways that her art can be used to promote her own and others' wellbeing, by honestly interrogating internal emotional struggles and needs.

She works mainly in clay and metals, but is equally happy using any materials or media that will help realise her ideas. She has sold many pieces privately, and they can be found in many different homes and gardens around the country. She will also take on commissions (the more challenging the better) but as she says, “Ultimately I make for the love of making and sculpt for the love of sculpting.”

Gemma takes private and public commissions and in certain cases, is able to create replicas of pieces that are already placed.

Gemma Kelly Sculptures